Enrichment Grant Report: Bridget Adarkwa ’17

Africa Business Forum 1

Bridget Adarkwa ’17 was selected to receive an Enrichment Grant from the Patricelli Center for Social Entrepreneurship. This funding helped support a trip to Wharton Business School’s 21st Annual Africa Business Forum. Read Bridget’s story below, and visit the PCSE website to learn more about our Enrichment Grants.


This past weekend, PCSE afforded me the opportunity to travel alongside some friends to Wharton Business School’s 21st Annual Africa Business Forum. An exciting and new venture, the conference promised to illuminate the journey of the individual in pursuit of growth in entrepreneurship, business, media/entertainment and government. As a freshman, this seemed perfect for my varying career interests as well as my great love for Africa.

Africa Business Forum 2While it was just two days, I tried to take advantage of everything the conference had to offer. They had a total of 13 panels ranging from “Winning in Africa” to “Revolutionizing Education in Africa.” My personal favorites were “The Rise of Sophisticated African Consumer: Implications for the Fashion, Media, and Entertainment Industry on the Continent” and “The Next Generation of African Leaders.” Both offered great tips on how to approach Africa in their specific sectors however, “The Next Generation of African Leaders” Panel in particular, really gave me the confidence I needed to understand the influence I have as an African young woman and the fact that my time to make a difference is now. The conference was succeeded by a Gala Dinner where all the attendees networked and discussed noted from earlier in the day over a delicious dinner. Overall, the entire experience showed me the power in my ideas and talents and how to use them in a way that’s most productive for myself and my country. With the new information, I hope to apply these lessons to my academic choices here at Wesleyan and even beyond graduation.

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