$4k Ganbarg Internship Fund now supports mission-driven work in the music industry (application due 4/1)

The Ganbarg Internship Program, established by Pete Ganbarg ’88,  provides $4,000 to encourage and enable a Wesleyan student to explore and begin a career in the music industry. It is Pete’s hope that this annual grant opportunity will help launch the next generation of industry leaders, helping to maintain and push the boundaries of exciting and innovative music, from both the creative and business perspectives.

This year, grant eligibility has been expanded to include mission-driven work at a music non-profit, educational, or other institution. (For example, one that we like is MusicianCorps, founded by Kiff Gallagher ’91.)

Applicants must be committed to establishing a career in the music industry. Demonstrate your commitment to the music industry on your resume and in your cover letter through your involvement with music, knowledge of the industry, desired post-college plans, and potential contribution to the world of music.

Applications are due April 1. For more information, visit www.wesleyan.edu/careercenter/grants/scholarships/ganbarg.