The Coro Fellowship in Public Affairs

The Coro Fellowship offers an unparalleled opportunity for real-world training to individuals pursuing careers in public policy, civil service, nonprofit management, business leadership, or other fields under the umbrella of public affairs. In this full-time, nine-month program, Fellows participate in a series of projects across a variety of sectors and complete a final independent project. Several Wesleyan graduates have participated in this rigorous and demanding program over the years, including US Senator Michael Bennet ’87. Alexander Meadow ’12 is currently a Coro Fellow in New York.

Sarah Williams ’89, Co-chair of the Patricelli Center for Social Entrepreneurship Advisory Board, Principal of Sarah Williams Consulting, and co-founder of Advective Capital, offers this review of the program:

corosmallThe Coro Fellowship gave me real hands-on experience that has proved invaluable to my work in impact investing, philanthropy, program design, public-private partnerships.  In 10 months, I learned how to run campaigns, prepare a network news program, conduct a search for a CEO, manage a union employee education program, design a new training program for principals — not to mention meeting leaders in business, government, nonprofits, media, and other sectors.  I also gained enormous insights from working with 11 other Fellows, selected from a competitive national process, and designed to challenge me, provide feedback, share in my education.  Coro offers the best preparation for a career as a changemaker.”

Greg Berman ’89, Executive Director of the Center for Court Innovation and a member of the Center for Prison Education Advisory Board, had a similarly positive experience:

“Coro profoundly altered the way I think about how to lead an organization and how to do good in the world. It has given me the tools to not only manage a large and complicated organization, but to keep it cutting edge nationally.”

Fellows are places in Pittsburgh, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and St. Louis. Applications are due January 23, 2015.