Public Forum on Housing Mobility (5/21 in Hartford, transportation provided)


Erin Boggs ’93, Executive Director of Open Communities Alliance

Open Communities Alliance is a Connecticut non-profit run by Erin Boggs ’93 that promotes access to opportunity for all people through education, organizing, advocacy, research, and partnerships. The Alliance works to build an urban-suburban interracial coalition to support policies that lead to housing choice.  

On Thursday, May 21, OCA and the Partnership for Strong Communities will host a conversation on mobility counseling, an innovative service that helps ensure that low-income families have a real choice when deciding where to live.

We know that where a family lives can dictate success in life – especially for children. This program will explore strategies to ensure that families opting to stay in areas that are under-resourced can increase their chances for success, but will also focus on mobility counseling as a critical means of connecting families who have been isolated from opportunity to areas that provide thriving schools, safe streets, and other community benefits.

If you are interested in attending and you’d like a ride from campus, contact Makaela Kingsley by May 20. 

Event details:

Thursday, May 21st at 9:00 
(coffee, pastry & conversation @ 8:30) 
at the Lyceum, 227 Lawrence Street, Hartford, CT 06106
Register Now! Attendance is free.

For more on mobility counseling, visit Open Community Alliance’s website.
For more details on this event, see the event flyer.