Kai Wes Takes on Silicon Valley – Spring Break 2017

static1.squarespaceKai Entrepreneurship Wesleyan is a completely student-run, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that coordinates and supports educational resources to create programs and highlight existing ones that promote openness, inclusion, and community in tech and social entrepreneurship. Their focus on these principles springs from the troubling lack of diversity in the current entrepreneurship world and the technology industry overall, and they see college as an ideal time to encourage people of all interests and backgrounds to get involved.

One of their hallmark programs, Kai Takes on Silicon Valley, is run each year during spring break. The Kai Entrepreneurship trips give Wesleyan students interested in a career related to entrepreneurship or tech the opportunity to talk to alumni and friends of Wesleyan at their workplaces.

Check out the highlights of the Spring 2017 trip, broken down day-by-day, in the blog posts below:

Monday, 3/20/17

Tuesday, 3/21/17

Wednesday, 3/22/17

Thursday, 3/23/17