2012 United Way Day of Caring

Yesterday was our rain date for the United Way Day of Caring, an event that gives citizens the chance to work together on community projects throughout the country. For our projects we drove to Farm Hill Elementary and split into two groups: one to work inside with the kindergartners, and one to paint a map of the United States on the blacktop. I had the chance to work inside with the students, and we had lots of laughs playing alphabet games and pulling me in every direction during gym class.

After my time with the kids inside, I joined the blacktop group as they finished up the western states. It was a fantastic day despite the chilly air, and taking the moment to step outside our offices and do something! was incredible. And the kids were pretty cute, too.

Here are some photos from our day, taken by our wonderful director, Cathy Lechowicz.

Psst! More photos are uploaded on our Facebook here, so give ’em a peek!