Giving, Thanks.

In the past couple of weeks, OCS has taken the spirit of Thanksgiving and infused it into campus culture. Here is a little look at some of the projects our staff and students have  helped to organize in this time:

1. Filling Thanksgiving baskets for Amazing Grace at Fellowship Church of Middletown. A big shout out and thank you to German House, Sigma Fraternity, Women’s Crew, Women’s Squash, Men’s Football and everyone who participated. Over 100 baskets were filled for food insecure community members.

Photo courtesy of Wesleyan Football.

2. Finishing up a map of the United States at Farm Hill Elementary. It took almost a month due to the hectic weather, but it is done! On this project we had several Wesleyan administrators as well as students do this as an extended project for the Middlesex United Way’s Day of Caring. The best part of this photo is that while I was taking it, a little girl next to me asked, “Why are you taking a photo? It’s just a blacktop.” If only she knew to us, it wasn’t “just a blacktop…”

3. Collecting and donating tons of warm clothes to the CHC for Hurricane Sandy victims. I brought over 3 huge bags worth of coats, scarves, sweaters, socks and sweatshirts to the CHC Family & Wellness Center to be donated to the New London Red Cross, who will be giving them out to residents along the devastated coastline of Connecticut.

4. Holding the “Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week,” a week of events such as a community dinner at the Eddy Shelter and cooking class at Amazing Grace, which was organized by several students from our office and ended with…

5. Organizing the annual Fast-a-thon, with special thanks to our director, Cathy Lechowicz, pictured below with one of our student coordinators, Anike Arni, of the Housing and Hunger program.

Photo courtesy of Wesleyan.

So there you have it. If you’ve ever wondered “what we do” here at OCS, here is a small window into the work that goes on around here. We want everyone to have the chance to get involved and engage with the community, so never hesitate to stop by and ask us how to join in! And a Happy Thanksgiving to all.