A Small Reflection & Response

When we learn about tragic events such as yesterday’s bombings in Boston, it reminds us about the fragility of our communities at home and abroad. Acts of mass violence or terrorism have touched all of us recently, and they are a daily occurrence for too many of our fellow humans around the globe. As engaged citizens, it is our responsibility to think critically about ways that we can work towards a more peaceful and just society.

We want to emphasize that positive responses to negative actions can start on many levels, and colleges and universities are no exceptions. Look to Boston College, an institution located minutes outside of Boston proper. At 4:30PM  Friday, April 19th, Boston College students will walk from their classes to the site of the Marathon to honor those who have been affected by this national tragedy. And, as poignantly stated on their Facebook event page, in this act, they will “decide when the marathon ends.”

We’ve all heard the chorus of voices quoting Mr. Rogers. They say to “look for the helpers” when tragedy strikes. We hope you will also find ways to take action. Whether you look at violence and culture through an academic lens, pursue a career path that will allow you to contribute to the greater good, volunteer in your local community, or donate blood, your civic commitment can truly make a difference.


Cathy Lechowicz, Director of the Center for Community Partnerships
Makaela Kingsley ’98, Director of the Patricelli Center for Social Entrepreneurship
Dana Pellegrino ’12, Civic Engagement Fellow