Student Entrepreneurs Wanted: ‘Organic Perspectives’

This just in from Anthony Kululu:

“Since 2007, our nonprofit ‘Organic Perspectives’ has been helping rural smallholder farmers in Uganda’s deforested remote communities to restore their degraded croplands through agroforestry, fuel-switch to alternative household energy technologies and adopting organic gardening methods.

At this point, our goal is to build our own source of internal funding for scaling this work—by involving a wider sector of society (the travel community) as this is directly dependent on environmental sustainability.

We are, however, interested in teaming up with the most creative young entrepreneurial minds that could be interested in the kind of social venture we are taking on—particularly to help on the side of developing a marketing strategy, or the whole concept together.

As such, I would like to request you to forward this to your Social Entrepreneurship Students Alumni.

Those unable to join us but interested in sharing their ideas on sustainability with our community, can also join in here:

We’d be grateful to hear from anyone interested in this!”