Summer Job Opportunities // Urban Farming in Hartford


Summer Jobs in Urban Farming in Hartford!

We’re hiring for two Green Fund-sponsored positions with Summer of Solutions Hartford!

Summer of Solutions Hartford is a youth-led food justice non-profit in the South End of Hartford.  We run a 9-week summer program in which youth participants work to construct and run school and community gardens throughout Hartford. We are looking for inspired and committed leaders who understand how environmental sustainability, social justice, and personal transformation are interrelated, and want to use their passions and talents to bring about change through the Summer of Solutions!

#1 – The Program Leader:

Compensation: $2,500 stipend sponsored by the Green Fund. Housing in Hartford available

Time Commitment: June 1st – August 16th, 40-45 hours/week, as needed

Job Description: As a Program Leader, you will be responsible for managing one of the school or community garden sites, organizing your team, leading leadership and skill based workshops, and facilitating the day-to-day structure of the program. You will work closely with our partner organizations to design successful community agriculture projects, fundraise to support program costs, and tell the story of our work to social and print media outlets.

How to Apply: Please send a resume and work references to Jennifer Roach

#2 – The Participant:

Compensation: $1,000 stipend sponsored by the Green Fund. Housing in Hartford available

Time Commitment: June 17th -August 16th, 40 hours/week

Job Description: You will be working with a team of four program leaders and approximately 20 program participants maintain the four gardens in Hartford, organize a garden summer camp for kids, run free programming for the neighborhood, and design new projects to strengthen Hartford’s urban food system. Every day in SoS Hartford will be different. You might be organizing community meetings, fundraising to support our work, getting your hands dirty in the garden, cooking meals for the team, holding documentary nights, attending seminars, etc.

How to Apply: Go to or and click on “Get Connected” and “Join the Summer of Solutions”