Co.Exist // 9 Apps to Help You Make Better Food Choices

From this Co.Exist Article:

“It’s hard to talk about the future these days without talking about apps. Back in 2008, our mobile phones were primarily for making calls and sending and receiving text messages. Now, they’re for tweeting, checking Facebook, playing Angry Birds, and utilizing apps that tell us when the next bus is coming, where the new Asian fusion restaurant in our neighborhood is, and allowing us to read the next new bestseller. They have also infiltrated our grocery store experiences, helping us when we’re choosing what types of foods to eat. Here are a few examples of apps that are already available to improve shopping and eating experiences and a couple that are coming soon.”

Do you know of any apps that help us to make better food choices? We don’t like to get too preachy here at ENGAGE, but if there’s one thing we can relate to, it’s not using up our veggies fast enough (there’s an app for that).