From the Middletown Eye // “The Midd You Missed”

Senior Bucket Lists are on bigger to-do lists this week…we heard rumors of a group of seniors who were, as part of their Senior Bucket Lists, “Bonding.” Bonding is a Senior Ritual where a group of students wearing sunglasses slowly roll up in a car blasting the James Bond theme song. As the unsuspecting students on the sidewalk turn to look at the car, the Bonding students slowly pull down their windows, and peel away. Mysteriousness abounds.

More friendly and less intimidating to-do’s are outlined in the Middletown Eye’s annual article, “Once Again: The Midd You Missed.” In the article, Wesleyan Professor of Biology and Middletown Eye Blogger Steven Devoto details a series of activities, eateries, and sights to be seen before you leave Middletown (forever? for the summer?). We’re especially partial to venturing out to Vecchito’s Italian Ice and checking out the arts, music, & film offerings at Middlesex Community College.

To see the full list click here. A small excerpt below:

“This is an update of an article published every year around this time, written by Ed McKeon with contributions from other fans of Middletown.  The Eye sends it out to graduating Wesleyan seniors, and the alumni and  families visiting our city this weekend.

Say you’re a graduating Wesleyan senior and you want to leave town (okay, no jokes), feeling you’ve seen everything you can see in Middletown. Or you’re a graduating senior who wants to ditch the parents and send them off for a few hours over the weekend so you can hook-up with a friend for the last time. Or say you’re a Middletown resident who spends too much time in the old cul-de-sac. You have probably had the best breakfast at O’Rourke’s, the best coffee at Klekolo’s, and the best tacos at Iguana Rana’s, but have you really seen all that our city offers?

Below are suggestions for places you, or your parents, can visit before departing the Midd.  Enjoy!”