Perel-Slater ’11 Wins $10,000 for Maji Safi Group

The PCSE would like to congratulate Max Perel-Slater ’11 on winning the Advancing Leaders Fellowship. Many Wesleyan students, staff, faculty, and friends voted for Perel-Slater and his Maji Safi Group, and we’re excited to see new possibilities for their incredible work!

“The $10,000 fellowship supports alumni from all World Learning programs as they implement innovative projects around the world to address significant social challenges.”

The announcement on WesLive:

“Max Perel-Slater (’11) and his Maji Safi Group’s project (Tanzania) have won the Advancing Leaders Fellowship. Max was a recipient of our Brodigan Award which helped him start this project.


Meet the Winners: World Learning Advancing Leaders Fellowships Awarded to Five Alumni.