Womensphere: Global Summit and Awards

Ever wanted to hear Hillary Clinton, Arianna Huffington, or Richard Branson speak? From Analisa Balares, Chair of the Womensphere Foundation:

“Through the Womensphere Foundation, we are building a global alliance and network of leaders, innovators, corporations, and academic institutions that are actively investing in creating the future, and advancing the leadership and innovation of women. Thus, I very much hope that you (or your selected Delegate) can actively join our Summit, and become part of the special global alliance and network we are building.

I am extending this Official Invitation today, so that you or your selected Delegate/s can reserve a place during the discounted Super-Early Registration period this week (ending June 30) as the places are available on a first come, first served basis, and we are managing capacity at the Summit.

Delegates will have the opportunity to join us for one day, two days, or all three days of the Summit. Please find more details below and on the Summit website. Please RSVP here to reserve a place. We have 20 places left, allotted on a first come, first served basis, for discounted Super-Early Registration ending within 7 days.”

6th Womensphere Global Summit & Awards 2013
Creating the Future: EVOLUTION + REVOLUTION

Website: http://www.womensphere2013.org

The 6th Womensphere Global Summit & Awards 2013 will convene global leaders, emerging leaders, educators, business leaders, policymakers, thought leaders, Foundation/NGO leaders, entrepreneurs, and social innovators, around this year’s theme of  CREATING THE FUTURE:  EVOLUTION  +  REVOLUTION, and our constant theme of advancing women’s leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship, as co-creators of the world’s future.

Themes we will explore at the Summit, and collaborate on post-Summit:

  • The Future of Women & Girls
  • The Future of Leadership, Management & Talent
  • The Future of Business & Capitalism
  • The Future of Science, Technology, Invention & Innovation
  • The Future of Education & Academia
  • The Future of Entrepreneurship & Social Entrepreneurship
  • The Future of Sustainability & Development
  • The Future of Media, Culture & The Arts
  • The Future of Government & Public Policy

Womensphere Global Summit 2013 will build and launch a global community and multi-stakeholder ecosystem that will invest in creating a better future for our global society, one that simultaneously advances women’s leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship, and equal role in transforming our world.  Hosted by Columbia University in New York City, the Summit will be thematically organized each day. For the Agenda of the Summit, please refer to:http://womensphere2013.org/agenda/

Womensphere Global Summit 2013 will feature over 100 Distinguished Speakers and Honorees, and a select community of Delegates who are leaders, innovators, educators, and entrepreneurs across all fields of human endeavor.
INVITED Distinguished Speakers include:

  • Arianna Huffington – President, Huffington Post Media Group  (Womensphere Award)
  • Brian Greene – Co-Founder, World Science Festival; Award-winning scientist and author
  • Danae Ringelmann – Co-Founder, Indiegogo
  • Daphne Koller – Co-CEO, Coursera
  • Ellen Johnson Sirleaf – President, Republic of Liberia
  • Helen Clark – Administrator & Head, UNDP
  • Hillary Clinton – Co-Head, Clinton Foundation; Former Secretary of State, US Department of State
  • Indra Nooyi – CEO, PepsiCo
  • Jim Yong Kim – President, World Bank
  • Dr. Joyce Banda – President, Republic of Malawi
  • Klaus Schwab – Executive Chairman & Founder, World Economic Forum (Womensphere Award)
  • Mariska Hargitay – Founder, Joyful Heart Foundation; Actress & Lead Role, Law & Order SVU
  • Melanne Verveer – Executive Director, Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace & Security
  • Melinda Gates – Co-Chair, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • HRH Princess Mette-Maritt – Princess of Norway
  • Muhammad Yunus (Nobel Laureate) – Founder, Grameen Bank
  • Padmasree Warrior – Chief Technology Officer, Cisco
  • Pete Cashmore – CEO & Founder, Mashable
  • Rachel Kyte – Vice President, Sustainability, World Bank
  • Richard Branson – Founder & Chairman, Virgin Group
  • Sheila Nevins – President, HBO Documentary
  • Shelly Esque – President, Intel Foundation
  • Steve Case – CEO & Founder, Revolution & Startup Global (Former CEO, AOL)
  • Ursula Burns – CEO, Xerox
  • Yingluck Shinawatra – Prime Minister, Thailand

If you cannot join the Summit, please feel free to share this Official Invitation with your selected Delegate/s so that they take advantage of this week’s Super-Early Registration discounted registration. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you so much, and all the best this week.

Sincerely yours,

Analisa Leonor Balares
Convenor, Womensphere Global Summit & Awards 2013
Chair & Founder, Womensphere Foundation
Young Global Leader @ World Economic Forum

Womensphere Foundation: www.womenspherefoundation.org
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