Measuring Social Impact: some links from Wendy Jeffries ’01

Wendy Jeffries ’01 is Program Manager for International Social Service (U.S. Branch). Her career has focused on international child welfare and protection,  healthy eating and habits for kids, and collecting and using data to design and improve programs of all kinds. Wendy shared the following with me recently, and I am pleased to share it with those of you who are thinking about social metrics and ways to measure your impact.

Wendy says that these are “useful resources and organizations that might be of interest to you and/or students. I can’t vouch for each of them fully but I’ve found them to be helpful in different ways in the past.”

Select Resources Related to Evaluation and Evidence-Based Practice


Workbook about Conceptualizing How to Use Data to Improve Outcomes for Children and Families

Brief about the different between Process and Outcome Evaluations

Planning a Program Evaluation

A Guide to becoming an evidence-based practice

Actionable Measurement Guide from Gates Foundation

Leap of Reason


Aspen Planning and Evaluation Program (they have free evaluation tools including a logic model builder under “Tools”)


Results Based Accountability (not the best website but a lot of good information – especially their implementation guide and the Book Trying Hard is Not Good Enough is very useful)

Markets for Good

BridgeSpan Group