Millennial Trains Project (10-Day Entrepreneurial and Leadership Opportunity during Spring Break, March 16-26)

Millennial Trains Project logoMillennial Trains Project is a D.C.- based non-profit that leads ten-day crowdfunded, transcontinental train journeys for young leaders to explore their creative, professional, and personal frontiers on a national scale.

Participants must design a project they want to advance across the seven communities where the train stops and race to raise $5,000 from multiple backers on MTP’s custom crowdfunding platform. Onboard a caravan of vintage railcars, MTP participants will travel from Los Angeles to Miami with stops in Albuquerque, NM, Kansas City, MO, Louisville, KY, Chattanooga, TN, and Atlanta, GA from March 16- 26, 2014.

The first 40 applicants to reach the $5,000 funding goal by January 15th will secure a spot on the train. Click here for more details on how to design and launch a winning MTP crowdfunding campaign. Successful applicants typically reach their goal in 2-3 weeks.

Learn more and apply at

Note: MTP participants would be eligible to apply for a Patricelli Center Enrichment Grant to cover a small portion of the $5,000 trip cost.