Winter Break Career Bootcamp: Interview Questions

job-interview-tips_0There comes a moment in (most) interviews, when the tables turn on you and you are asked this anxiety-producing question: “What questions do you have for us?”

This was always the part of interviews that threw me. I just spent a half-hour talking about myself and switching gears seemed difficult! So, more times than I cared to admit, I ended an interview without asking a single question.

In not asking questions, you are wasting an opportunity to learn more about the company/organization and for the company/organization to learn more about you as a candidate. To be fair, asking questions can be a double-edged sword: to ask the wrong questions can demonstrate a lack of research, or understanding of the company, but to ask the right questions shows your strengths as a candidate.

To ensure you never squander such an opportunity again, has cultivated a list of 175 questions to ask in an interview. Though you should not ever need to ask 175 questions, choosing a few that best suit the job in question would be a great way to prepare for an interview. Our top picks include:

  • How would you define “success” for this position?
  • Is there anything you would like me to clarify or explain in more detail?
  • Does anything cause you concern about my candidacy?

For’s favorite questions from this list, click here.
For the full list of questions from JobMob, click here.



Jelisa Adair

I am the Civic Engagement Fellow for 2013-2014. While a student at Wesleyan I double majored in Psychology and Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and completed a joint thesis during my senior year. I am interested in issues of social justice, mental health, media, and global welfare.