Free Impact Career Counseling Sessions from NGS

NGSNext Generation of Service connects young people to social change organizations by offering vocational mentorship and promoting community and international service as a component of any career path.  NGS “empowers young people to chart professional lives that work toward the betterment of humanity.”

For students who are unsure of what to do after graduation but know they want to make a difference, NGS offers peer guidance to help them uncover their passion and put that passion into action by becoming an innovator at a social change organization.

NGS guides (mentors) are all in their twenties and are alums of varies long-term service programs (ie. AmeriCorps, World Teach, etc), they are trained in neuroscience techniques such as meditation and journaling (in partnership with Dharma Express) to help students uncover their passions. NGS guides are prepared with resources and an understanding of unique long-term service opportunities that offer a great start to a rewarding, purpose-driven career.

NGS offers free one-on-one guidance sessions.  Learn more here: