Disorientation 2014

An interesting document has been making the rounds in Wesleyan’s social media universe after being posted to the University Organizing Center site┬áthis week, and we’re sharing it with ENGAGE readers in the hopes of spurring discussion.

The Disorientation Guide offers thoughtful and critical commentary on the campus climate, with introductions to a wide range of issues facing our community, information on campus activism, timelines, calls to action, and advice for allies. Written by student activists and edited by Abby Cunniff ’17, Claire Marshall ’17, Yael Horowitz ’16, and Chloe Murtagh ’15, Disorientation is neither perfect nor complete but it offers an important glimpse into how Wesleyan students grapple with issues of privilege, prejudice, and oppression.

One might disagree with some of the points presented, but the motivation behind the zine is likely something everyone can get behind. In Cunniff and Marshall’s words: “…activism [can] no longer be the hobby of an isolate niche of the student population. We [need] an inclusive and cohesive community of concerned humans working together to hold Wesleyan to the standards it boasts and to make the best version of Wes available to all community members.”

Feel free to sound off in the comments section with praise, criticisms, or questions, or to contact the organizers directly at wesleyandiso@gmail.com.