Municipal Government Internships with the City of Middletown

Politically active students often focus on state, national, and international affairs, yet much of the governance that influences our day-to-day lives happens on the local level, right under our very noses. The new internships with the City of Middletown will allow Wesleyan students and alumni to observe and assist with the daily activities of departments whose work directly affects the community. This is an ideal opportunity for anyone looking to test the waters of public service and to gain hands-on experience in their field.

Students who participate in this unpaid internship can receive .25 academic credits through CSPL493

From Joseph Samolis, Chief of Staff:
You’re investing a lot in your education: Why not invest some in yourself? With an internship or externship at the City of Middletown, we help you gain practical experience in your field of study. An opportunity at the City of Middletown will give you a chance to take what you have learned in the classroom and apply it to a local community. Not only will you benefit from the experience by learning practical applications of your field of study, the citizens of Middletown gain from your help, drive and fresh perspectives in our various departments.”

Municipal Departments:
– Mayor’s Office (Creating public policies that benefit the local community)
– Public Works (Construction Projects)
– Planning, Conservation and Development (Environmental Review, Economic Development, Zoning Enforcement)
–  Information Technology (IT Infrastructure projects, connecting public to resources they need)
– Office of General Counsel (City Attorney’s Office)
– Public Safety (Police/Fire/Emergency Management)
– Recreation and Community Services (Public Programming, Senior Services, Recreation)
Department placement will depend on student’s research interests.

To apply:
– Complete the Student Internship application and submit to the Human Resources Division with a resume and cover letter stating your field of study, intended career path, and motivation for interning.
– Submit your resume and cover letter again through Career Drive.

The deadline to apply is October 17, 2014. For more information, contact Joseph Samolis at joseph.samolis[at]middletownct[dot]gov.