Volunteer with Wesleyan’s Center for Prison Education

Interested in volunteering with Wesleyan’s college in prison program as a Tutor or Research Intern? The Center for Prison Education is currently accepting applications for Tutor and Research Intern positions during the spring semester!

Come to the Wesleyan Center for Prison Education Student Group’s general interest meeting this Tuesday (TODAY!) at 9:00 pm in the Allbritton 318 to learn about the program and discuss future prison activism/awareness projects. Check out this short documentary directed by Cara Tratner ’12 and Becky Gillig ’12 for more information.

If you are interested in the Writing Tutor position, please email senelson@wes and she will send you the required editing exercise with instructions. Both applications are due on Friday, November 14th, at 8:00pm. If you have any questions, please contact the current Center for Prison Education Fellow, Shannon Nelson.

Research Intern Application

Tutor Application