PIRG Jobs for Seniors (posted by Zach Burns ’14, deadline 12/7)

Zach Burns ’14 emailed to say “I’ve been working with the Student PIRGs, a fantastic non-profit that I hope talented, social justice-driven Wesleyan seniors will consider for next year.” The job posting is below, and you can contact Zach at zburns@wesleyan.edu to learn more about his experience.


Student PIRG Campus Organizer 2015-2016 Job Description

Students founded PIRG (Public Interest Research Group) over 40 years ago, based upon the simple idea that America has more problems than we should tolerate, and more solutions than we use.

Today, on any college campus, you can find students who feel driven to take on problems outside the classroom, whether it’s global warming, big money in politics, or hunger and homelessness.

As a PIRG Campus Organizer, your job is to recruit these students to get involved — and to train them to be effective leaders who can run campaigns that make an impact in the community, in the state capitol, in Congress, at the White House, or wherever it will make a difference.

We’re hiring Campus Organizers to work on 40 campuses across America.

Responsibilities may include:
* Recruiting hundreds of students to volunteer
* Teaching students to plan and run effective campaigns through internship classes and on-the-ground training
* Building relationships with faculty and administrators
* Organizing news events and rallies, and generating the grassroots support it takes to win campaigns
* During the summer, each Campus Organizer runs a citizen outreach office. This entails fundraising and building the organization, by canvassing and training others to canvass

* Strong work ethic
* Outstanding verbal and written communication
* Proven leadership skills
* Strong commitment to getting results
* Passion for making positive social change

As a PIRG Campus Organizer, you will participate in regional and national trainings run by experienced Student PIRGs staff, consisting of both classroom-style learning and hands-on experience. This training will supplement the valuable skills and hands-on experience you gain on your campus.

Find out more
Find out more information at jobs.studentPIRGs.org. If you have any questions you can contact Micaela Preskill, Student PIRGs Recruitment Director at (312) 544-4436 ext. 304 or mpreskill@studentpirgs.org .

How To Apply
Apply online at jobs.studentPIRGs.org by December 7