Grant Writing and Drop-in Sessions with the PCSE Peer Advisors TONIGHT

Between Davis Projects for Peace, PCSE seed and enrichment grants, Wesleyan Summer Experience grants, the Samuel Huntington Public Service Award, and Echoing Green Fellowships, opportunities for funding abound, and the time to apply is now. Something to keep in mind in the process is that a good grant proposal tells a story. Even your budget can tell a story. And how do you learn to tell a good story? By telling it repeatedly and getting feedback!

Friends and family might grow tired of your pitch after the thousandth rehearsal, but fortunately there are people in the Patricelli Center and Career Center who are eager to hear you out. In fact, the PCSE Peer Advisors will convene TONIGHT in Allbritton 022 to discuss even your most preliminary plans. Not every social entrepreneur needs to launch their own business, and plenty of change can come from existing organizations, so feel free to bring ideas for projects, programs, and internships that would increase the impact of a group already doing good work in the world.

PCSE Director Makaela Kingsley ’98 has drop-in hours on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 2:00 to 4:30 PM, and both she and the Civic Engagement Fellow (Rosy Capron ’14) are available by appointment.