Spring Registration (and Discounts!) for Discovery AfterSchool at Green Street

“Picasso and Math”
“Exploring the River”
“Beginning Breakdance”

I know what you might be thinking – Where are these classes in Wesmaps?!  Wesleyan students may be disappointed to find that these are not in fact college courses, but rather classes in the arts, math, and sciences  for children in Middletown at the Green Street Teaching and Learning Center (formerly the Green Street Arts Center).

Fortunately for many of the parents on campus, however, Wesleyan faculty and staff receive a 50% discount on afterschool programs for their children (Grades 1-8) at Green Street! Registration for Spring 2015 is now open, and parents can call the front desk  (860-685-7871) to sign up for anywhere between one and five classes a week. They can also sign up for Homework Time, where the kids get a start on their school assignments with help from college student tutors.