Drive Change Seeks Admin Guru

A fantastic opportunity from Jordyn Lexton ’08, Executive Director of Drive Change:


Drive Change is a food truck social enterprise – we build food trucks that hire, teach and empower formerly incarcerated youth. We aim to connect with the public and create a community of people who are hungry to reconsider the current criminal justice system. It is our mission to broaden educational and employment opportunities for young people coming home from adult jail and prison so they can live crime-free, bright futures.

We are launching our full re-entry program model this spring and we are broadening our structural capacity and personnel infrastructure. We are young (only a year old) but we are impactful (making waves in food, social innovation and criminal justice reform). We are growing: we will increase our program capacity by 150% in 2015. We need you to help us grow into a sustainable and efficient organization.


You are detail oriented, motivated, clever and dynamic. You care that the work you do directly impacts the world around you. You like eating delicious food. You like contributing to a just society even more.

You are organized (like, your favorite time of the year used to be “Back to School” so you could color coordinate your pens with your folders with your binders). You are an independent worker who is capable of taking initiative but also thrives in a group/team setting. You like to construct systems/structure and you are not afraid of numbers.


Drive Change is looking for operational support in areas of office administration and communications. We need a point person to manage our systems, communicate with executive staff and help us think thoughtfully about our office operations. We are excited to hire our office Admin Guru.

Read the full job description here. Interested applicants should send resume and cover letter to