Request for Proposals: Wesleyan Enrichment Days!

Scholars in Action – a new student group tutoring at the local middle schools – is looking for Wesleyan students to participate in its first ever Wesleyan Enrichment Days on April 22 and May 5! Wesleyan students, either individually or as a group, will lead engaging workshops on topics they are passionate about. The lessons could cover a wide range of interests – dance, drawing, chemistry, creative writing, environmental science, and more! – as long as they’re designed for a young (and antsy) audience. If you are interested in education or just feel like frolicking on Foss with some hilarious preteens, then this may be the low-commitment opportunity for you!

We anticipate that each lesson will have between 5 and 15 middle school students and will last for about 40 minutes. If you or someone you know would like to participate in one or both of the Enrichment Days, e-mail Lily Wittrock ( and Rebecca Brand ( for more information. We are excited to hear from you!