The Archimedes Project


The Archimedes Project is recruiting aspiring entrepreneurs to spend two­-three months working in their chosen country as a Frontier Fellow. The Fellow will examine the water and sanitation market, needs and customer attitudes, conduct stakeholder interviews, build local partnerships and may begin micro­testing business ideas. Working with the Archimedes Project team, the fellow will, among other things, identify social enterprises and nonprofits working in the area, pinpoint potential markets.

At the end of this period, the Fellow will present their findings to the Archimedes Project. Based on demonstrated aptitude during this Fellowship period, Fellows may be selected as an Archimedes Project Co­founders with whom we would design and launch an enterprise.

The fellow will receive a stipend of $5,000 for travel and room and board in country.

Fellow Criteria:
Fellows must be connected to an Archimedes Project target country and be able to live there and serve as a fellow full­time during the fellowship period. They must meet the Archimedes Project entrepreneur criteria and be interested in co­founding a clean water or sanitation social enterprise with the Archimedes Project.

Who should apply?
Anyone who has a deep commitment to improving the wellbeing of a country and believes that clean water and sanitation are key to achieving that. We are looking for leaders who will work with us to design, develop and launch the next generation of clean water enterprise, providing sustainable access to this vital resource while creating local jobs.. Key characteristics: A strong entrepreneurial spirit, creative intelligence, leadership and resilience.

Application Opens Period Ends Departure

  Applications Open Period Ends Departure
Summer April 15 May 15 June 15 – July 15
Fall June 15 August 1 September 1 – October 1

Applications are accepted on a rolling a basis at