Loam Magazine Launches (an update from Nicole Stanton ’15 and Kate Weiner ’15)

Hello, dear supporters of Loam Magazine! 

Follow Loam on Instagram @loammagazine

Follow Loam on Instagram @loammagazine

We are writing to inform you that our online platform is up and at ’em – http://www.loammagazine.com/. Thanks to your generosity, we have been able to launch our website with great success. Loam Magazine has had thousands of views in just a short week. 

So much GOOD has been growing in and around us. Kate and I have both settled into our new homes — Portland and Aspen — and have found ourselves deep in our work and consumed by Loam’s momentum. You will notice most of our content is generated by Kate and myself, but our current efforts are dedicated to reaching outwards. We are in the process of finding contributors and making Loam a truly collaborative platform.

We encourage you to share our website far and wide, contribute if you wish, and ENJOY!  Look forward to our upcoming profiles on a farm to table restaurant, a couple of boys riding bikes across the country, a photo spread with Campos Bags, and a featured essay contest. 

We are filled with gratitude to have you all a part of this web of humans that will make Loam a success!

With warmth and love,

Nicole Stanton ’15 and Kate Weiner ’15
Co-Editors of Loam Magazine