Teaching Music to Children in Local Schools (MUSC463)

Looking for that elusive fourth class to round out your schedule this year? Check out “Teaching Music to Children in Local Schools” (MUSC463), a service-learning course also cross-listed with the Civic Engagement Certificate and the Study of Education Certificate.┬áProfessor David Nelson, Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Music Department, writes in:

Music 463 (Teaching Music to Children in Local Schools) is a Service-Learning course that came out of a long-standing Student Forum, for which I served as Faculty Sponsor. We send Wesleyan students into local after-school programs in venues like Green Street Arts Center and Macdonough School to give lessons once a week. The lesson sessions are supplemented and anchored by a lively weekly group session in which we discuss assigned readings and journal entries by our student teachers. The readings are designed to help students teach intelligently and effectively, including the development of lesson plans. The course is open to Wesleyan students of all levels, and is part of the Certificate in the Study of Education.