PCSE Seed Grants in Action: Report #2 from Appalachian Scholar Project

Since our last update Appalachian Scholar Project ran it’s first program. We recruited our first student Daya Harris, a promising young junior at Capital High school in Charleston West Virginia. We spent two weeks learning the basics of capitalism, liberalism, philosophy. Our student learned about the various types of colleges, how to finance them and the likely hood of a full scholarship at various schools. When our student began Appalachian Scholar Project, she knew only 3 different colleges, by the end of our program, Daya had expanded her knowledge of potential universities by 30.


            Daya, our student, spent her mornings with Gabrielle Hurlock, our director of curriculum. Gabe assigned various writing assignments in a graduating scale of difficulty. Daya spent much of her time learning to construct a thesis and ensure she was providing the good evidence to support her arguments. Daya also worked through complex topics like capitalism and liberalism. As a result of our program, Daya is already excelling in a Introduction to Sociology class at West Virginia State University. Daya reported to us, that as the only high school student in the class, she was the only one with an accurate definition of capitalism. Needless to say, the Appalachian Scholar Project team are beaming with pride.


            Moving forward, Appalachian Scholar Project is already thinking about our next cohort of students. We have interest meetings set up via skype in West Virginia as well as in person meetings through out the year in West Virginia. Our partnership with the boys and girls club of West Virginia will continue. We intend to serve 20 students per summer and continue our mentorship with the students throughout the school year. Appalachian Scholar Project is off to great start.