Middletown Green Community Center Meeting

From Jeff Hush ’84:

We have our first Wesleyan/MGCC event at Wesleyan University next Friday April 27 from 6pm to 8pm.  It is at 301 High Street, at the rear of the Davison Art Center, in the Digital Design Studio.  Prof. Chris Chenier, one of MGCC’s Board members, is the creator of this digital studio, and he and George Perez, a Wes sophomore and another of our Board members, are hosting this event with me. Cookie Quinones, the current President of NEAT, is also bringing in families from the North End, people who used to go to Green Street, when it was a Wesleyan-run center. There is a parking lot right there, at Davison, where people can park for free in the evening.

Prof Chenier will be giving a demo of some cool tech stuff so kids are welcome at this event.  We’ll also have a great vegan feast from Grown, with enough organic food for 50 people.
The point of this event is to bring together Wesleyan folks (alums, faculty, staff and students) with the Middletown community on Wesleyan’s home turf.  We will be raising awareness about our overall project in both communities.  We are also encouraging people to contribute to our first fundraising effort, and spreading the word about our Dar Williams concert at BAM:  Sunday May 13 at 7pm.  We want new people to come learn about us–people who have never heard of the Middletown Green Community Center.
Please join us and bring anyone you want; tell friends.  It is free for all.  The whole point of MGCC is to create strong community bonds that will sustain all of us in Middletown.
Jeff Hush (’84)
Founder, Middletown Green Community Center (MGCC)