Anthony Price ’20: Here’s Why I Created a Nonprofit at 19

Guest post from Allbritton Fellow and Patricelli Center Fellow Anthony Price ’20:

Anthony speaking to a professional at a recent networking event in Cleveland, Ohio

Most people my age are wrapping up their second year of college, struggling with finals, preparing for what the summer offers. Perhaps sleeping in until 10, going out to brunch with friends who you haven’t seen since winter break, or starting the internship that’s been dreamed of since the fall sounds good right about now? For me, it was starting a nonprofit called Be The Change Venture. Here’s why.

Be The Change Venture is a public charity connecting and empowering young people to be leaders in their community. In high school, so many of my peers struggled with the idea of networking and couldn’t find a central space to connect and learn- not even our classrooms. So in eleventh grade, I changed that.

Through online instructional content, professional development workshops, and events focused on networking, we help young people develop skills to foster and develop meaningful connections. And we provide a central space for them to build meaningful networks; both online and face-to-face throughout the year.

High school students connecting and learn from a couple professionals.

It all began with my family. My mom would make me and my young brothers every morning during grade school walk up to her, give her a firm handshake, and present our small introduction while giving perfect eye contact. Talk about intimidating and being afraid of staring at your mom straight in the eyes! I quickly learned, however, this would be a powerful asset in the future.

So why not share with others in my community what my mom did for me? So many young people in my community have amazing ideas, dreams, and goals. But they don’t have the opportunity yet resources to bring them to life.


An instagram live panel discussing empowering women of color in Washington, D.C. of a few Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Emerging Leaders and Hill staffers.

As one of the firsts of my family to go to college, I am also the first to start a nonprofit. Not for the recognition or the fancy title. Instead, to fill the gaps between potential and opportunity for individuals like those in my community, across the world. In short, I want ensure every young person have the chance to succeed and acquire careers of their dream.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a young nonprofit leader, supporting causes like Be The Change Venture to be essential. There are many entities out there aiming to solve and or alleviate problems, providing and serving the public with a good, and seeking to make an impact for us all. You can start supporting one today by donating to our cause here.