Celebrating WESU 88.1 FM’s 80th Year Anniversary

Established in 1939, WESU 88.1 FM is one of the oldest non-commercial radio stations in the United States. 2019 marks the 80th year anniversary for the station and a unique opportunity for the campus and broader community to revisit its history, impact, potential, and import to the socio-political landscape of the 21st century. Throughout WESU’s history, there have been two constants: first, without interruption, Wesleyan students have continuously operated the station; and second, broadcasts have been focused on new, under-represented, or non-commercial programming aimed at students and the larger community.

Beginning in the Spring of 2019, through the fall of 2019, the JCCP and WESU will host a series of public events and activities to commemorate WESU’s history and impact, and further engage our community.


WESU FM 80th Anniversary Events:

A Celebration of Community and Free-Form Radio and Exploration of its Role in the Socio-Political Context of the 21st Century



The station currently broadcasts at the frequency of 88.1 FM from its 6,000-watt transmitter located atop Exley Science Center with a potential to reach over one million listeners throughout Connecticut and Massachusetts. WESU also streams audio, online through the website www.wesufm.org.


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