Community Learning Opportunities at Wesleyan

Wesleyan University has been devoted to liberal learning since its founding in 1831. The University has a dedication to the improvement of human well-being by means of education throughout the course of life. Therefore, Wesleyan University has a number of learning opportunities for adults in the community.
Whether you are seeking a degree or want to take a class out of curiosity, take a look at some of your options.


Wesleyan Graduate Liberal Studies (GLS)

Wesleyan Graduate Liberal Studies courses give you the opportunity to explore your academic and creative interests, guided by renowned faculty and in conversation with students who share your passion for intellectual engagement. Wesleyan’s GLS curriculum offers more than 70 unique courses every two years, from hands-on writing workshops and unique art offerings to data analysis, a classroom in a kayak on the Connecticut River, studies of globalization and nation-making, and a complete history of the English language.

GLS offers financial aid, including generous scholarships that support people in our local community. Check the application for eligibility.

Wesleyan University’s Greater Middletown Area Teachers Scholarship
Wesleyan University offers a 50% tuition discount to full-time contracted teachers, librarians, and administrators who work in public, parochial, and independent schools in the greater Middletown, CT area.

City of Middletown Employee Scholarship
Wesleyan University offers a 50% tuition discount to City of Middletown, CT employees. This includes full-time employees of the Russell Library and Godfrey Memorial Library in Middletown, CT.

Attend an Info Session on August 20, 2019 to learn more about the program.


Wesleyan Institute for Lifelong Learning (WILL)

Photo: Courtesy Nat’l Audubon, Bob Howdeshell

The Wesleyan Institute for Lifelong Learning is chartered to provide educational opportunities outside of formal degree-granting programs at the university to members of the broader community. Now entering our eleventh year of affordable program offerings, the focus remains on small class experiences to stimulate your intellect and pique your curiosity. There are NO exams, grades or credits offered, just engaging interaction on a broad range of subjects—many drawn from curricula offered right here on campus.

The fall 2019 term at WILL promises a wide range of courses, filled with unusual and fascinating topics. We’ll be heading backstage at Goodspeed Opera House again, for an insider’s look at theater production techniques, followed by a rousing performance of Billy Elliot. We’ll also be heading out into the woods and ponds in the area, with an Audubon expert, in search of birds of prey and water fowl. We’ll be delving into international theater, literature and architecture, including a closer look at Gothic fiction and the spell that 19th century horror fiction cast on its readers. In a major, all-campus event, historians and investigative journalists will reveal the untold and under-reported history of Northern slavery in 19th century Connecticut. And, don’t overlook the opportunity to share a ‘spiritual’ adventure, exploring the fascinating world of distilled beverages.

Registration opens August 12th. Visit their home page or call (860) 685-3005. Curiosity is Ageless.