Forever In My Heart Foundation seeks Interns

Forever In My Heart Foundation seeks interns to support their work. See their job posting below.

Our mission is to “make an impact in the lives of homeless dogs in animal shelters and improve lives of disabled United States Veterans in community.” All of our dogs come from rescue. 

We are the only organization that 100% of trained dogs are DONATED to Disabled Veterans. Our organization covers all of the expenses affiliated with training and caring for the dogs.

Our program not only saves lives of shelter dogs and improves lives of disabled veterans, but also have a huge impact on the inmates from York CI in Niantic, CT where some of our dogs are trained. In collaboration with the Connecticut State Department of Corrections we are able to provide the inmates with important life skills by teaching them to function as dog handlers and trainers.

The mental health crisis is a major dilemma, but especially among the U.S. Veterans. 60% of veterans suffer from mental illness, every 65 minutes a veteran takes their own life. It has been proven that the benefits of partnering veteran with a service dog extends beyond the task. In many cases they do more than medication and therapy, offer support, security, and allow the veteran to live normal independent life. Unfortunately, most veterans are unable to afford the service dog, average cost of the service dog is $18,000 – $25,000.

Student interns can work in the following areas:

  1. Marketing and graphic design ( social media and email marketing as well as designing posts, brochures and other marketing materials).
  2. Journalism, writing blogs, interviewing the veterans and writing on the impact the dogs have in their life.
  3. Creating quarterly news letters. 
  4. Helping organize fundraising events and weekend exhibition in pet or veterans events.

This internship is unpaid. If interested, please email your resume to Mira Alicki at