Sustainability Office moves to the Allbritton Center

We are excited to announce that the Wesleyan Sustainability Office, founded in 2012, will now be housed in the Allbritton Center. This move is in conjunction with the Jewett Center for Community Partnerships’ new focus on engagement with Middletown on environmental issues and sustainability.

The Wesleyan Sustainability Office promotes a sustainable approach to Wesleyan’s relationship with its students, faculty, staff, the surrounding community, and the world. The Office strives to develop an intersectional shared understanding of the short and long-term effects of Wesleyan on people and the planet, and takes action to promote thriving, equitable, and just communities. This includes catalyzing and advocating for programs and dialogues to create an empowered community that models individual and collective environmental and social responsibility and affects meaningful sustainable change. 

This move offers the opportunity for increased collaboration with the Middletown community, and underscores the many initiatives already in place, including Long Lane Farm, GRO Dreamville, and the City of Middletown’s Sustainable CT internship.

”I’m thrilled for this new chapter of the Sustainability Office,” enthused Sustainability Director Jen Kleindienst. “This move gives the Office the chance to expand its community outreach and collaboration and amplifies efforts to increase student civic engagement around sustainability.”

“We are excited about this move,”as it will help us be better coordinated in supporting student civic engagement and our collaborations with community partners working on environmental issues and sustainability,”  said Clifton Watson Director of the JCCP.