CT Summer College Corps Now Hiring

Are you interested in supporting the well-being of children here in CT this summer? See the following summer job opportunity from Anna Shusterman, Co-Chair, College of Education Studies: 


Summer College Corps

The state is preparing to recruit 500 students statewide to work in summer programs and provide those students with training in order to be prepared to support the well-being of children participating in various summer programs throughout CT. As thousands of PK-12 students have had their school years significantly disrupted from the pandemic, it is critical that they have ample support over the summer to mitigate school disengagement and to participate in joyful, stimulating programs. The funding comes from a proposed allocation of $1.5 million from funding from the American Rescue Plan Act to complement a $1.5 million investment of Coronavirus Relief Funds in FY 2022.

Connecticut is looking to colleges and universities to identify students to help facilitate and run these summer learning programs across the state. This will provide summer programs with the needed operational support to get off the ground, college students with a meaningful and impactful summer working experience, and K-12 students with individuals their age who they can learn from and associate with over the summer. The Offices of Workforce Strategy, Higher Education, State Department of Education, as well as public and private higher education institutions will partner together to train college students and match them with summer programs.

Learn more and apply by May 21 here: https://www.fairfield.edu/graduate-and-professional-studies/graduate-school-of-education-and-allied-professions/community-engagement/college-corps-ct-summer-program/