Introducing the Middletown Government Participation Guide!

Welcome to the Middletown Government Participation Guide!

This document was developed in collaboration between the Wesleyan Sustainability Office and the Middletown Sustainability Team with the goal of demystifying the process of getting involved in our local government. It’ll help you figure out where to start, how to participate in meetings, and how to sustain long-term involvement!

The Guide was first conceived to address the misconceptions or gaps in information that keep people from participating in local government, with particular concern to those disadvantaged by that lack of information.

Since work on it began in Winter 2020 by the Sustainability Office’s Sustainable Middletown Intern, it has undergone a rigorous revision process with input from Middletown residents, City staff, and Wesleyan’s Jewett Center Community Partnerships. The revision process included a feedback form which received responses from over a dozen individuals and groups, which were then discussed at meetings of the Middletown Sustainability Team.

Guide last updated December 2021.

Link to PDF: Middletown Government Participation Guide