10/8: Amistad Voyage for Freedom

The visit of the Amistad Ship to Middletown will pay honor to and acknowledge the resiliency and determination of the Mende captives during the 1839 Amistad Uprising. Discovering Amistad recognizes the significance of their fight for freedom, and its relevance to social and racial justice today. During its week in Middletown, the Amistad and its crew will host more than 400 Middletown Public School Students for educational tours and anchor a community-wide celebration on Saturday October 8, 2022 from 12pm-6pm.

Learn about the Middle Passage and the Amistad uprising: Stories of Yesterday & Today Join us for African drumming and dancing, live music and entertainment, info booths, kid crafts, ship tours, dockside educational opportunities, and more! The day will open with ceremonies for the 4th Annual Middletown Middle Passage Ceremony and the Amistad tall ship.