10/17: L2 Teaching & Learning through Tabletop Games: Practical Approaches for a Gameful Pedagogy

Why are tabletop games good for language learning? How can we create spaces of playful social interaction within or beyond the classroom? How can we leverage their specific affordances of tabletop games in our pedagogical practice?

As games of all kinds become more and more embedded in popular culture, as our students are exposed to all sorts of “gamified” content and interactions, and as matters of student engagement and motivation become urgent in pedagogical discourse, these questions are more relevant than ever. This hands-on workshop will examine how commercial board games and card games can be adapted for L2 learning and discuss some elements of tabletop games that L2 instructors can consider when planning teaching materials, in-class interactions, or extracurricular activities. Together, we will brainstorm about how to implement such elements in our existing curricula – and we will look at a selection of games that are well-suited for L2 teaching and learning. Join us on Monday, October 17 at 12:00pm in FCGS Commons, Fisk Hall.