From the Diploma to the Ballot Initiative

Learn about our non-partisan voter registration initiative to get more young people registered and connected to the political process!

At the Allbritton Center for the Study of Public Life, our mission is to cultivate a dynamic community committed to the exploration, understanding, and advancement of public life. We embrace civic engagement as a core value, striving to empower individuals to become active participants in shaping their communities and the world at large. 

Our efforts are non-partisan which means we do not promote or endorse any political parties or candidates. Our focus is on connecting people to the tools necessary to shape our democracy. We know that whether we’re talking about the cost of a college education, the opportunities for entrepreneurs to launch their own businesses, for families to purchase their first home, for our brave military men and women to be protected, or even how much it will cost to fill up your gas tank, politics is all around us. And no one feels the impact of the choices we make today, more than young people. 

We’ve launched our “From the Diploma to the Ballot” initiative to help increase the number of young people registered to vote and connected to the political process. Our approach is simple: ASK young people to register; MAKE it easier for them to do so; and FOLLOW UP. Just as graduating from high school is a rite of passage, we hope to make registering to vote a badge of achievement as well. We actively collaborate with schools, districts, community agencies, and other partners to expand the reach and impact of our efforts. We invite you to join us in promoting civic engagement.   

We look forward to registering you to vote! Visit us online to learn more about the Allbritton Center