Wes alum offers $25k for your startup // deadline May 14

Capital Ideas LVThis just in from Josh Levine ’12:

Have an idea that’s been keeping you up at night? Ready to transform it into a reality?

This summer, Downtown Project will make investments of $25k into six very early stage startups, and one of them could be yours! For three months we will bring together founders, a mentorship network, and a host of learning opportunities in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas to see what’s possible when big ideas are given the time, resources, and opportunity to percolate.

Interested? Read the background below, then email joshl@downtownproject.com to request more info.



FirebrandGroup invests in passionate doers seized by outrageously ambitious ideas that keep them up at night. It’s no secret that raising money and starting a company can be back-and-spirit-breaking. We feel your pain, and we share your vision and think there’s a better way to achieve it. That’s why we’re putting the tools of a flourishing
community of entrepreneurs in your hands so you can transform your idea into a company that’s ready for the next level of investment.

Downtown Las Vegas is fertile ground for entrepreneurs. This city is a startup and our community is an incubator. We are nurturing companies bound together by their potential as disrupters, their relentless focus on execution, and their dedication to company culture. If you’re serious about realizing your vision, you should be here. Let’s make it easy: $25,000, three months, and a host of learning opportunities.

We are looking for people who:

  • Think about big problems and scalable solutions
  • Work collaboratively
  • Produce results fast
  • Contribute to the economic diversification of Downtown Las Vegas
  • Are new to the challenge of building a company

How does the downtown community accelerate your company?

After you close your $25,000 seed investment, you will take part in Progression Lab, a 3month residential immersion program in Downtown Vegas. You will live, work, and play alongside dozens of startups in the technology and design spaces while immersed in an open-source playground of entrepreneurship.

  • The Work In Progress coworking space provides startups tools, such as a growing mentor network, practice pitch events, workshops, and professional resources.
  • Tech Cocktail’s monthly Tech Week brings together thought-leaders from around the country to coach startups, share their experiences, and host startup showcases.
  • The Downtown Speaker Series brings superstars such as Kevin Rose, John Mackey, and Chip Heath to your neighborhood to help you think boldly.

We provide a robust framework for accelerating the following three critical components of the startup process and you provide the energy and creativity to cultivate your vision:

  1. Forge critical relationships to thrive as entrepreneurs: By encouraging collaboration between similarly-motivated individuals and groups, we aim to see teams form, grow, and evolve.
  2. Hone your vision and become its storyteller: Through access to community dinners, thought-provoking speaker series on topics such as legal basics and UX/UI, and Lean workshops, and hackathons, you will learn, teach, iterate, and have breakthroughs. Downtown will make you and your company smarter.
  3. Build a launchpad: We want to help you build out a rock-solid MVP, so you can raise more money. At the end of the program, you’ll share your creation with a group of forward-thinking, top-tier investors, and industry leaders.

If this future beckons, take the next step and submit an application: thefirebrand.co


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