Volunteer with WesNEAT

WesNEAT is a group of student volunteers who staff the office of the North End Action Team (NEAT), a nonprofit organization in Middletown whose goals are to empower, address the concerns of, and provide resources to citizens of the North End. A volunteer will typically work a shift once a week (with a partner) at the NEAT office, located at 654 Main St. Work will include answering the phone, helping community members who enter the office one-on-one, maintaining a log of community members being served, and communicating needs to NEAT’s board members when necessary. Volunteers will be trained on NEAT’s programs and the typical resources that community members will need assistance with, e.g. 211 services. Volunteers are strongly encouraged to attend meetings coordinated with NEAT board members, to get a deeper sense of the organization’s place in Middletown and its official structure.
Our sub-teams within WesNEAT include marketing, grant writing, and the PREP Center.

The Pursuing Re-Entry and Employment Possibilities (PREP) Center is a program that operates out of the North End Action Team Office, designed to help formerly incarcerated community members attain the skills, resources, and confidence for re-entry into the workforce. In 2-hour shifts with at least 2 people each, volunteers will staff the NEAT office on Fridays from 10 AM to 4 PM. Volunteers will work one-on-one with PREP visitors on things like online resume or cover letter writing, mock interviews, or finding business casual clothes from the PREP Center’s collection of donated clothing. Since PREP is a relatively new program, volunteers will also be expected to help publicize it in the Middletown community.

If you’re interested, please contact:
Alphina: akamara@wesleyan.edu
Emily: emcevoy@weslyan.edu