This Changes Everything FYM Discussion Next Steps

Following Wesleyan’s common read of the film This Changes Everything, we invite you to take this as a launching pad to learn more about climate change and broader sustainability and environmental justice issues.  Here are a few resources to get you started:


Take a course


Join a group, start a project, or get involved in the community

  • Get resources for starting a project, connecting with a group, or finding funding through the new Student Support Guide.
  • Interested in civic engagement, community, and social impact? Check out the Allbritton Center.
  • Attend a meeting of SAGES, Wesleyan’s campus sustainability committee.
  • Join a student group focused on sustainability, food justice, climate action, and more.


Find a job

  • The Sustainability Office offers several paid internships – two Compost Intern positions are currently open on Handshake through September 7th.
  • Each November, the 3-semester Eco Facilitators Program hires 16 students to provide students with the tools, education, and encouragement to develop sustainable living practices and a sense of environmental consciousness and social responsibility.  
  • Work as an intern in the Resource Center focusing on one of many intersectional issues including sustainability & spirituality.

Find funding for a research fellowship through the College of the Environment.

Stay connected