Office of Community Service

OCS Photo Contest

We just posted on WesLive, the Wesleyan Community blog, about our new Photo Contest. Submit your photo by liking our Facebook Page and posting it to our wall.

We Made an Internet Friend!

That sounds strange…but it’s true–engage. is partnering with to bring Wesleyan students an all-new level of civic engagement on campus and beyond. We just did a post there today so you can check that out here!

Civic Engagement and Re-Accreditation

  For the past couple of years, Wesleyan journeyed through a Re-Accreditation process. In my experience, this process has meant that I had to fill out extra paperwork and write several essays on my experiences here, mostly through my major. My professors assured me that although my work would be ungraded, it would indeed be…

Social Media —> Engaging the Digital Age

  This past weekend–while I was driving up Route 3–I tuned to one of those standard “lite radio” stations, only to find that the disc jockey was playing a special “On this day in 2006” program. Always a sucker for nostalgia, I left it on. The songs were a bit of a blast from the…

Welcome to Engage!

For years, the Office of Community Services and student coordinators of volunteer programs have been engaging Wesleyan students in volunteer and work study opportunities in Middletown, and more recently, abroad. Many amazing things have been accomplished by these coordinators and students. This blog will highlight these accomplishments and further spread the word about community engagement…