Program Spotlight: WesAGE

Do you like listening to stories of those who are older and wiser? Looking for  some interaction with people who are not in their late teens to 20-somethings?   If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you should become involved with WesAGE!   I recently sat down with Sofia Warren’ 13, the coordinator of this program to find out more.

WesAGE, the student volunteer group previously know as Elderly Services, has a snazzy new (wes) acronym that stands for Wesleyan Alliance for Generational Exchange.  This awesome program has the goal of promoting interactions of mutual exchange between Wesleyan students and the elderly community and has several exciting volunteer opportunities for anyone who is interested.


Social Hour– This is an informal 1 hour per week commitment where a group of students volunteer at One Macdonough Place (about 2 blocks from campus) … In this hour students play dominoes, chat, and hang out with the seniors, and this hour is an easy way to become involved with WesAGE .  Social Hour happens every week alternating between Thursdays and Fridays.

Companions program– This program is new this semester and involves a one- on- one pairing between a Wes student and senior citizen.  Student volunteers meet 1 hour per week with the senior to visit, assist with any small chores the senior may have, and more importantly to build a friendship with the senior.  According to Sofia, both seniors and Wes students already involved in the program rave about each other- and it sounds like an excellent opportunity to gain some perspective outside of the Wesleyan bubble.

Upcoming Events:

Film Screening: Harold and Maude,  March 29th 6:30 PAC 001

This is an opportunity to learn more about WesAGE with the added benefit of  free food, joy, and a movie!

Special Event: Senior Dessert Fair, April 3rd 2:30-4:30

Be a part of this is an annual event at the senior center on Willams Street.  It’s something like this: desserts+ musical performances + games + camaraderie= a wonderful afternoon for all parties involved.    WesAGE is looking for performers, bakers and volunteers for this event.

For more information/ to volunteer you can email Sofia at  

WesAGE  has their own blog, check it out at: