Program Spotlight: WesReads/WesMath

It’s summer here at Wesleyan, and although campus may seem like a ghost town from the severe lack of student population, I can assure you that students are, in fact,¬†scattered in buildings across campus working on projects for the upcoming year. Just yesterday I ran into two Student Coordinators, one of whom informed me of WesReads/WesMath’s new blog. The blog will feature important information for both students already involved as well as students interested in joining the program. And since it is a blog, I’m sure you can expect lots of friendly updates from the program’s coordinators.

By the way, this year–in addition to continuing their tutoring program at Macdonough Elementary School–WesReads/WesMath will expand into Farm Hill Elementary School.

So, Wesleyan students, have no fear–your beloved campus is still up and running smoothly while you are gone. And further, they are constantly¬†improving upon and continuing projects that will benefit the greater community.

That’s the Wesleyan spirit.