Earth Month 2013: “Rethinking How Money Works” Event

To celebrate and raise awareness of Earth Month, Wesleyan is creating and engaging in a plethora of events, discussions, and talks, on campus and off. We’d like to highlight a social entrepreneurship-related event, so if you’re interested in attending and require transportation, email Makaela Kingsley at mjkingsley(at)wes.

“Rethinking How Money Works: Monetary Reform as a Catalyst for Sustainability”

11AM-1PM Monday, April 22nd.
Chapman Hall, Room 808, Middlesex Community College, 100 Training Hill Rd., Middletown
Facilitated by Justin Good and Michael Harris in partnership with the Middlesex Community College Sustainability Committee and Wesleyan Sustainability Office.

A workshop on monetary reform, community credit systems and local money as tools for addressing unemployment, social and economic justice and community development.  This workshop will offer an overview of the current monetary reform effort, with a focus on complementary currencies or local community-issued credit systems as catalysts for sustainable development. The session will feature a demonstration of Connecticut Sound Shares, a local community currency system currently operating in the Middlesex area.

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