CSPL210: Money and Social Change, Fall 2013

Do you remember hearing about this unique course last fall? The class will be repeated in Fall 2013, and POI forms are now being accepted.

Course description from WesMaps:

How do people make decisions about using their money for social change? Where will it have the most impact? When do shifts in the rules or the use of capital create systemic change and address structural inequities? This course will explore the role of capital in social change. If we rethink how social change happens–analyzing the nonprofit and public sectors, but also new sector-blending approaches and concepts like “collective impact”–how does our perspective on capital shift? As a part of this unique course, students will work through a process of selecting a set of local nonprofits to which, as a class, they will grant a total of $10,000.

To apply:

For Permission of Instructor, you should email the instructor (Joy Anderson ’89) a clear, concise statement of 300-400 words stating 1) why you would like to take the course, 2) what core questions you bring to the course, and 3) how this course fits into your personal goals and life history. Based on this initial information, Professor Anderson will schedule interviews.