Name the new co-working community in Hartford (and win a month of free office space)

In the latest newsletter from reSET (Connecticut’s Social Enterprise Trust), readers are invited to submit potential names for the new Incubator Workspace in the heart of Downtown Hartford. Ideas should be posted on the reSET Facebook by August 30, and the winner will receive will a one-month coworking pass.

Criteria for the naming challenge:

  • The name Incorporates the idea of social enterprise and business with more than one bottom line
  • It is welcoming and inclusive – this is a coworking space for ALL kinds of people – entrepreneurs, mentors, business professionals, freelancers, etc
  • It’s about the people and community – the coworking space puts the emphasis on people, their interactions, and the relationships that form between them.
  • Promotes community ownership – we want to make this space of the people, by the people, for the people.
  • Has a connection to Hartford
  • Represents a fun, creative space

Incubator day passes are also available for those who want to see what co-working is all about. (And yes, you can apply for a PCSE Enrichment Grant to cover the fee!)